Distributed Computing & Networked Systems

Most of my work expands the investigation of distributed architectures for high-performance computing and formulation of empirical parameterized models for such systems across networked applications.

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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

I am mostly interested in investigating meta-heuristic approaches and soft computing algorithms for multi-objective optimization problems in computer science. These include genetic, neural and fuzzy-based solutions for sophisticated use-cases.

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Simulation Modelling & Performance Analysis

I practice modelling and analyses of discrete-event based simulations targeted primarily to identify and mitigate anomalies in distributed systems.

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My message to every student:

Be Limitless.

The biggest Sport, where you get knocked down, where you get told that you are not good enough, where doubt, rejection and fear trying to take over is called "Life". In this sport, you have only one option; to move forward and keep chasing that dream or to stop and let it consume you.

" They say the two most important days of your life are the day your are born and the day you find out why ". Limits are there for a reason; to be broken. They create boundaries, but when you come from nothing, everything is limitless. You become curious, you measure success not by numbers but by courage. You enjoy going the distance minus the setbacks. And just like gravity, your energy attracts everything. That's why we should never stop running, because there is only one way to live this life. Being Limitless.


The Next Step...

If you feel that you have a worthy invention or an idea and you want to discuss with me, I am always up for a chat.