I write Code with Imagination

From fixing CPUs to building chatbots, I have always been intrigued by computers. I have built many applications in Python, C++, Java, MATLAB and OpenCL. I enjoy solving complex programming challenges with advanced algorithms, along with a cup of coffee.

Architecture is my hobby

I enjoy discoveringĀ  and creating new architectures. In my spare time, I practice 3D modelling and create virtual replicas of fascinating architectures and analyze their geometrical properties.

Technology is my passion

As a child, I witnessed the evolution of computing along with numerous breakthroughs and inventions penetrating our daily lives. Naturally, I developed a keen interest in technology which later on informed my notion about the role of science in society. I enjoy writing about the holistic contribution of technology in our daily life and particularly the enhancements in the computing industry in yielding the state-of-the-art infrastructure for high performance and reliability. I also enjoy to study the interplay of these technologies in solving highly sophisticated problems with computer-aided solutions.

Teaching as a Profession

I believe that a good teacher inspires students, ignites their imagination and installs a love for learning. Admittedly, the profession of teaching attracts me the most. It would be my honour to profess the disciplines of Computer Science in a reputed University.

I actively participate in conducting technical talks and workshops to train undergraduate students with conventional research methodologies including surveys, modelling & optimizations. I also enjoy peer teaching and mentoring my juniors.